Gert Strydom

Gert is 23 years old and is working in Civil Construction while finishing his studies in Civil Engineering.

Gert is a diamond in the Rough, he had no vocal training in the past, enjoys singing and wrote a song or two of his own.

Gert took part in the Voice of Namibia competition in 2019 and was chosen as one of the top 12 finalists. This year’s competition was strong, but as always, a lot is to be learned from each competition.

Gert took part in NACOPA in 2019 and did extremely well. He received 3 gold medals (1 for acting, 2 for vocal), 2 silver (for vocal) and 1 bronze (for acting) medal.

This was an eye opener for Gert. It was the first time he ever did acting. Gert was chosen to represent Namibia for vocal and acting in Los Angeles, California in 2020. Sadly, financially this is not possible.

Gert will be recording a CD in Cape Town at a well known recording studio as soon as financially possible.

For now, he is really busy at work and enjoys singing as a hobby.

If you would like to book Gert for an event, you can contact Madelaine @ 00264 81 437 6704 or email to

Just remember that Gert loves his Johnny Cash style, dark Country and even comical Country and will be performing only songs he knows and loves.