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Tjaart van der Merwe
+27 62 858 3696
35 jaar oud
Brits Noordwes

Opsoek na enige werk.
Verkope in hardeware en algemene herstelwerk

Kode 08 Bestuurslisensie


Languages : Afrikaans and English

Criminal record : None

Drivers licence :          Code C1 Learner licence

Own transport : Yes

Cell number : 062 858 3696

E-mail : tjaart.me@gmail.com



Subjects : Afrikaans HG (First language)

                                                  English HG (Second language)

                                                     Technical drawings SG

                                                     Fitting & Turning SG

                                                      Geography HG

                                                     Maths SG

                                                    History HG         

Extracurricular activities : First team hockey and athletics

                                                      Cross country, quire



Apart from my previous experience in the security field I have gained valuable experience over the course of four years in Electrical and general construction at MEMC where I assisted with single phase electrical installations as well as with general Handyman tasks, Cladding construction on various, newly developed Audi car dealerships and smaller businesses.

I also have previous experience in furniture sales and hardware sales. I also have a fair deal of knowledge in telephone etiquette and general admin duties. I am very familiar with excel and word.

I am a friendly individual, willing and able with a positive attitude and attention to detail, always prepared to lend a helping hand and offer assistance with a friendly smile.

I am a loyal person who looks forward to any opportunity where I may use my skills to make a difference. Me and my wife have three dogs of our own and both of us loves animals very much.

I am a keen artist who also enjoys literature and music.  I am an eager learner and willing to acquire any skill future positions may hold.


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